Eutawville Municipal Court 419 Porcher Av.

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over cases arising under ordinances of the municipality and all offenses which occur within the municipality and are subject to a fine not exceeding $500, imprisonment not exceeding 30 days or both. If petitioned by the Solicitor and agreed to by the defendant, municipal courts may hear cases transferred from General Sessions (S.C.CodeAnn. § 22-3-545). The penalty cannot exceed one-year imprisonment, a fine of$5,100 or both.The powers and duties of a municipal judge are the same as those of a magistrate with regard to criminal matters. However, municipal courts have no civil jurisdiction.

Municipal courts are created by ordinance of the municipal council. This ordinance provides for the appointment of one or more municipal judges and requires the municipal council to provide a clerk of court and sufficient clerical and non judicial support personnel to assist the municipal judge                         (S.C. Code Ann.§14255).

Judges play many roles. They interpret the law, assess the evidence presented, and control how hearings and trials unfold in their courtrooms. Most important of all, judges are impartial

decision-makers in the pursuit of justice.

 Laws embody the basic moral values of our society. They impose limits on the conduct of individuals in order to promote the greater good and to make our communities safe places to live.

The Eutawville Municipal Court meets every  3rd Thursday of the month.


 Eutawville Municipal Court

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